Sunday, April 8, 2012 - Thursday, June 13, 2024

La Luz de Taos 2024

1-5pm Tuesday-Saturday
Lunder Research Center, Couse-Sharp Historic Site
La Luz de Taos 2024

La Luz de Taos exhibition is in the Dean Porter Gallery at The Lunder Research Center on the downtown Taos campus of Couse-Sharp Historic Site. It features 50 of the most exciting contemporary artists working in a variety of media, including painting, pottery, sculpture, glass, jewelry, and fashion.

Participating artists are Tony Abeyta, Bill Acheff, Angela Babby, Mitch Baird, Shonto Begay, Eric Bowman, Autumn Borts-Medlock, Nocona Burgess, Chloe? Marie Burk, Arturo Chavez, S. M. Chavez, John Coleman, Nicholas Coleman, Glenn Dean, Josh Elliott, Phil Epp, Jody and Susan Folwell, Logan Maxwell Hagege, Brett Allen Johnson, Jerry Jordan, Joseph Kayne, Jivan Lee, John Lintott, Melinda Littlejohn, Gregory Lomayesva, Arthur Lopez, Leon Loughridge, Ira Lujan, Drew Macias, Mark Maggiori, Bernadette Marquez, Patricia Michaels, Paul Moore, Patrick McGrath Muñiz, Andrew Ortega, Paige Pierson, Howard Post, Kevin Red Star, Ron Rencher, Andrew Roda, Eric Romero, Maria Samora, Yellowbird Samora, Ed Sandoval, Billy Schenck, Jim Vogel, Nathanael Volckening, Lyle Wright and Scott Yeager.

The exhibition is dedicated to the memory of artist Ed Mell, a good friend of the site who passed away earlier this year.

The LRC focuses on the Taos Society of Artists (TSA); E. I. Couse and J. H. Sharp were two of the founding members in 1915. “The TSA left a profound artistic and social legacy,” said Davison Packard Koenig, executive director and curator. “Their shared vision, of creating a uniquely American art, permanently influenced not only the world of art but also prevailing perceptions of Native America and the American West. The artists in La Luz de Taos represent a breadth of backgrounds, presenting a contemporary vision of our region, its people, and the nuanced history and traditions imbued in the landscape.”

“Taos has an intense magnetic draw to artists and people who are in tune to its special beauty and character,” said participating artist Logan Maxwell Hagege. “I am so grateful that Couse-Sharp Historic Site exists to help preserve the legacy of the Taos Society of Artists as well as educate the public on this fascinating time in Western American art history. On a very personal level, I’d love to dig into the archives and get to know these artists more intimately.”

Couse-Sharp Historic Site has traditionally held a biennial gala and art auction to support its programs, which has become over the years the hottest little art shindig in the West. After a pandemic hiatus, the organization launched a new format in 2022: La Luz de Taos, a significant exhibition, celebration, and sale. La Luz is back in June 2024, including the entertaining and educational events attendees know and love.

For the first time in the organization’s history, the exhibition/gala committee is helmed by honorary chairs: Peter and Paula Lunder, renowned collectors and philanthropists, who through The Lunder Foundation of Portland, Maine, provide key support for CSHS’s Lunder Research Center (LRC) and Colby College Museum Fellows program.

The artworks will be sold at the June 15 gala, most at fixed price, with a few of the most coveted being sold via secret-bid auction. Those unable to make it to Taos can purchase a set of absentee ballot slips to participate remotely.

La Luz de Taos is a very important show because it is contributing to keeping the heritage of the TSA alive,” said participating artist Mark Maggiori. “Taos being a big part of my life and my creative process, I am always honored and happy to have one of my works in the show, knowing that part of the proceeds go to the organization.”

Participating artist Nathanael Volckening commented, “Growing up in Taos, I was deeply influenced by the surrounding landscapes, cultures, and luminaries of the Taos Art Colony. There is something truly enchanting about the light—la luz—of Northern New Mexico. Just as that light has inspired the work of generations of artists before me, it continues to ignite my own passion for painting. Participating in this exhibition is a homecoming to the artistic roots that continue to shape my own journey. I am honored to be part of the continuum that is Taos’ artistic legacy and very grateful to the CSHS for its mission and invaluable stewardship.”

Tickets for the June 14-15 weekend package and $50 absentee ballot sets are available at LaLuzdeTaos.org until sold out.

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