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  Taos Shindig  April, 2024 pp 102-103

 Kloss Encounters Mar 24, 2023

 Etched in Memory: Gene Kloss' Taos Mar 2, 2023

 Antiques Roadshow painting mystery points to Taos Artist Feb 7, 2023

  Boulder police unsure whether theft of Taos Society of Artists' work was 'crime of opportunity' or 'calculated' Jan 6, 2023

 State of the Arts in Taos Dec 29, 2022

Forbes>Lifestyle>Travel: Quintessential New Mexico: An Insider's Take on Taos November 2022


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Depression-Era Lab in Taos Revived to Brew Up Antiviral Hand Sanitizer, Only in New Mexico, April 22, 2020

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 Timeless Images: New exhibit displays the photgraphic studies of Taos Pueblo models by E.I Couse, The Taos News, July 3, 2019

 Couse-Sharp benefit celebrates historic preservation, The Taos News, June 20, 2019

 Heart Warmed: Joseph Henry Sharp's years and the Crow Agency in Montana is the subject of the new exhibition at the Couse-Sharp studio in Taos. Western Art Collector magazine June 2019, pp. 130-131

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 By Native Hands, The Taos News, July 6, 2018

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